Mother being charged with Negligent Manslaughter. Daughter Dies From Baby Heat Stroke.

Kit Noelle Pollard, a one year old, was forgotten in the back seat of the family car at a gas station to die from baby heat stroke. Mother is being charged with Negligent Manslaughter

Once again, a parent has forgotten her child in the back seat of the family car. This young child was left in the family car for seven hours, while the mother went to work. The mother discovered the child only after leaving work, and driving to a gas station. She had been at work all day, and the outside air temperature this day reached 94 degrees. Undoubtedly, the inside car temperature was much higher. In fact, it could have reached as high as 40 or 50 degrees higher. Imagine sitting in a car all day with inside temperature of approximately 130 degrees or higher, depending on where the car was parked; in the sun or shade. Important to note, leaving the windows open does not keep the car any cooler. Scientists have shown that the temperature is about the same with windows open or closed. Why? Radiant heat, the heat that comes off the dashboard is what heats the interior of the car like an oven.

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