A Four Year Old Boy, "forgotten" in the back seat to die in EXTREME HEAT

Orange County Florida- Young Logan Starling was forgotten in the back seat of step-mother's car.

A young 4-year-0ld Logan Starling was left in the back seat of the family car on the way to school. His step mother had other children with her that day, and may have gotten confused about remembering to bring all the children inside to school that day. The Step-mother works at the school and she has since received death threats, and has quit her job at the school.

I post these tragic stories because there is something to be learned in every instance. In this case, with mother so busy with multiple children, one final check to the car, would have made all the difference. Parents should have check lists with them on busy days. That would have been a lifesaver. On this day, the usual safety precautions would probably not have worked- leaving a shoe in the back seat or a purse. But, we should all remember that when handling a lot of children, it is best to double check the back of a car. I do remember when I was very young and a neighbor took me to the local pool. She had a lot of children with her that day, and I was in the back seat of the SUV. She left me in the car alone, and I was unable to get out. Fortunately, someone noticed me, and she came running out to unlock the doors. Car doors are no so easy to unlock, they are complicated.for a child.

Let us continue to spread the word- look before you lock, no matter how many children you are responsible for.

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