A Criminal Indictment delayed for the Father of twins forgotten in Family Car

The father of the twins, with his remaining family. In terrible grief and pain

The New York State prosecutors, have delayed handing down an indictment against the father of twins, after he forgot them in the back seat for nearly an entire day. This occurrence, tragic to the core, has become quite common. The parent, thinking he/she has dropped off the child, jumps out of the car, and heads to work forgetting that their are children in the back seat. Extreme heat builds in a car over time, in as little as a few minutes, and the child's organs shut down. The end result is complete devastation and tragedy.

If you look at this father's wife, and children, it is a disaster that can not be described by words. This family has been fractured, and recovery, if possible, will take a life time. But, what exactly happened in this case? Would an indictment make any difference as a deterrence to future drivers? That is to be debated,

I do support state wide public service announcements, billboards, changes in school curriculum, driver license programs, billboards, highway warning signs, to prevent, lessen, and possibly eliminate baby heat stroke child deaths. All are needed, and public awareness is a crucial first step.

In this case, the father, Mr. Rodriguez, was, as he described his state of mind, "I blanked out. My babies are dead." He was on his way to work, probably running late. "I assumed I had dropped them off at day care before I went to work,"

Mr. Rodriguez could be prosecuted for manslaughter! However, the question remains, would such a penalty lessen this type of incident in the future?

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