Florida Ranked Yet Again the Second most Dangerous State for Baby Heat Stroke

Florida and Babyheatstroke.org

I am sorry to report, that my home state, Florida, is again the second most dangerous place in the United States for a child when it comes to being negligently "forgotten" in the back seat and left to die a painful death- baby heat stroke. This death comes on as the child's organs fail. The kidneys, lungs, heat, brain. The end result is gruesome: children found in cortorted positions with frozen facial expressions of horror. Sorry to be so dramatic- except it is absolutely true! Time and again, first responders are found consoling each other at the death scene as they remove the child's body. I have read reports, watched Youtube videos, and other studies, for more than seven years. The results are devastating, the losses take a piece from you, although you did not know these children personally, the pain of reading about such loss is devastating. That is why I believe that the one way to avoid, at least lessen the occurrence of these tragic deaths ifs through public awarness- creating public service announcements.

A few years ago, I was able to get a kind donor to donate 2 large billboards warning drivers about the dangers of leaving children in hot cars. These signs were rotated. But, this is not enough. We need our government to step in and put up warning signs, require education in the schools and at the Driver's license offices. We need the word to get out that we will no longer tolerate the loss of these children simply because the driver was "busy", "distracted", "daydreaming" "Blanked out" "not thinking". These are actual reasons parents have given for leaving their children behind. Do they sound like good reasons to you?

Florida lost in 2019, FIVE children from baby heat stroke. That is completely unacceptable! Second only to Texas (7 lost children). The epidemic has to stop. Please, spread the word. Contact your legislators to pressure our government to begin instituting a public awareness program.

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