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The Final Numbers for 2019: 52 nation-wide Child Deaths. 849 Children have Died from Baby Heat Strok

With wonderful thanks to Professor Jan Null, who has kept these invaluable statistics for us to evaluate since 1998, we have a picture of what is happening to our children. In 2018, the worst years for children negligently forgotten in the back seat of the family car, 53 children died. Tragically, in 2019, 52 children died from heat stroke. 2018 was. record year and this year, we almost reached that record again. There is no excuse for this disregard for human life. The procedure for preventing this type of child death is not complicated, not difficult, and anyone who HAS a drivers' license driver can do it- simply turn around, or look in the rear-view mirror, to ascertain if anyone is listing in the back seat of the car. That is all that is necessary before a driver gets out of the car- "LOOK BEFORE YOU LOCK". Please, spread the word.

Yes, we are in the cold season, but children can freeze to death. Have you ever slept in a car, with no heat, when it is 20 degrees outside, overnight? Remember, children do not have our bodies. Their bodies are fragile, and 4x more sensitive to climate- heat and cold. Infants are even more susceptible to extremes and can die from the extreme cold.

My home state of Florida had, I am saddened to report, the second most number of deaths from heat stroke. Five children died. Yes, we have had years where the numbers were higher. Texas finished first again in the number of deaths. But I wonder, why does California have less deaths than other much smaller states? It gets very hot in California also. This year California lost three children in their entire state. That is three too many, but I believe that the California government, police, residents, take a very serious view of child deaths. Perhaps that is the difference. They enforce violations of parents that leave children in the car alone, where there is no injury, and make certain these violators find themselves in court explaining to the judge their reasons. I believe people are aware of the consequences of hear stroke, both to the child, and to themselves as drivers. That is where states like Texas and California fall short- not nearly enough community education.

What you do you think is the best way to. lessen child deaths? Because, sadly to say, this year, 2020, we will lose children- if our statistics are accurate, about another fifty children will be lost. Thesis means parents and siblings, relatives, and the community will suffer a devastating blow that some would argue is unrecoverable. Or, we can all practice a simple technique:


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