Deaths March On despite COVID

This year has had the lowest deaths of children dying from heat stroke after being found alone in a not car. What a terrible way to die- a young child strapped to the inside of the family car, dying alone. Sometimes, they are not alone, occasionally they die along side a sibling of similar age. I was hoping this year would be different, that there would be less deaths. In fact, the COVID-19 keep a lot more people at home, schools closed, and less excuses for leaving children in the back seat forgotten. For 2020, 24 children have died from heat stroke so far. that is the lowest number since 2015, and is less than half of the incidents in the last two years. But, here is a question- children die from heat stroke primarily for two reasons. First, family or an unrelated driver forgets the child in the back seat, and the child dies from heat. Another reason for heat stroke deaths is that children climb into the car on their own, become trapped, and succumb to heat stroke. This year, the first death was not until April (one death) then another in May, 4 in June and a large number of deaths in July- eight children perished!.. I wonder, as parents were mostly home from day care schools, and working from home, parents and caregivers would have had an easier chance to watch their children Why then did we still loose 23 as of November 2020? I makes me think that the case of death in some situations, the child climbing into the car without the parents knowledge, may not be ra reliable statistic. What do you think? Why do states like Florida dn Texas, the usual top two states for child deaths from heat, not have better programs in place to slow down these senseless deaths. I have tried, i have been to the legislature, I have petitioned the governor, members of the Florida Senate,Department of Education, and i just can not get anyone to accept the fact that even one death fro that stroke is absolutely, completely unacceptable. Lets keep our eyes open. Remember please, look before you lock the car door. You can save a life that easily. Thank you.

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