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Why am I doing this?


I was reading the news when...


One day I was reading online about how two parents were arrested because their child had died.  At first I thought that very strange.  Then, as I read further, I realized that they had left their children in a hot car.  The kids died from a heat stroke.  Their tiny bodies failed them, and they became lifeless.  I must be honest, I cried.  I cried for a week- every day.  I could not believe that loving parents would ever leave their beautiful kids in a hot car.    So, i learned more.


It happened to me!


 I found out that  parents forget their kids when they get busy.  I thought about my own parents, we usually make so much noise, they can't forget us. But, I remember one time, when I was staying with a neighbor. They had a very big truck (my dad tells me it was an SUV).  The mom had her baby in the back seat, little boys next to her, and I sat in the seat somewhere back in the trunk.  Well, they left me..  The mom parked, grabbed the little boy, and the other kids followed, and they all closed the doors.  I was alone-trapped.  It was summer, and very hot.  The car heated up quickly.  I got real scared.  I banged on the windows, but they were gone and no one could hear me.  I tried to open the doors, but I could barely move and  the locks were complicated. Well, a stranger came walking by.  When he saw me, he ran and got the keys to open the door.  That was a real scare. I was only in the car for a few minutes, but already I was sweating.   I was angry for being left behind. I was angry because they forgot me.  I was eleven at the time.


A Time To Act-a Time for Positive Action


But now, I am going to do something positive.  I am going to start a campaign and tell everyone about the dangers of fogetting kids in a car.  There are other organizations that do this.  And, I am glad.  They are good people spreading the word.  I want to do something too, and I want as many people as possible to join in and spread the word that caregivers need to check the back seat.  Cars can be "death traps."


An Idea came to me


One day, while I was reading about the children, I got an idea.  I saw a handicap "hanger", the kind that is blue and white and you see them on rear-view mirrors.  It was very noticeable.  So, why not print up my own hangers.? Now everyone can see the warning and check for kids in the car. Also, it is a great reminder for the driverto check the back seat. I am happy to mail you a hanger, or two.  


My Part


So, I have written all the blog articles, and I can really use some help.  I keep up with current events, I read everyday, and I helped build the website.  That took many weeks of hard work.  I worked with my dad building the website, He helped me do some of the "links" and other technical things.  I worked with a designer to get the hangers done, and a banner.  I used all of my birthday money, and weekly allowance.  But, my parents do help some as well.  They think this is a very important message also. So, maybe some day I will see you at one of my public events.  That would be great. 


So, I hope you like the site.  Please write and comment.  Most importantly, tell everyone- hot cars kill kids!  We don't want that.  We can't get those 612 kids back, but we don't have to lose any more.  


Thank you. 

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