Baby Heat Stroke Facts:

A child can die if left behind in the back seat after only a few minutes.  Why?  The car can heat up to 150 Degrees.


Have you ever sat inside a sauna? I have, and it gets hot- painfully hot. The back of a car is like a sauna to a child. Except, they can't move. They can't get out or call for help, they can't drink water to cool down, they can only sit and suffer. In a recent criminal report that I read, the child, who was found in very serious condition, had "bite marks" over his arms. The pain of being left in the heat caused this child to actually bite himself in complete frustration and pain. How tragic. How avoidable.



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A sleeping child can be easily forgotten

A Saved Life!

Shoppers called 911


Recently, several shoppers noticed a child left alone ina car.  The shoppers broke the window, and waited until police came.  The child was treated for heat exhaustion, but later recovered. If we see a child alone- tell someone immediately.

More Stories & Facts:

Cars Heat Up Fast

How long does it take for a car to become an oven?


According to Jan Null, Adjunct professor of Meterology at San Francisco State University when this report was conducted,  a car can heat up to 123 degrees in only 60 minutes.  Even if the temperature outside is only 80 degrees. 


National Weather Service

"Beat the Heat, Check the Back Seat"


Putting the rear-view mirror hangers up, may help caregivers and parents that the kids are still in the back.  If you see one of these signs, take a look in the back.  See any kids? If so- Report immediately.

National Heatstroke Prevention Day

Every July


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Safe Kids Worldwide, have together created this important national day of awareness.  But, we should practice safety all year long. 

Dr. Jan Null, Adjunct Professor of Meteorology of the San Jose State University is the author of this original study, which was published in Pediatrics.  His site has life saving information used by news media, and health care organizations  around the country.  He is a proud supporter of saving the lives of children and preventing pediatric vehicluar heat stroke