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Gallery of Pictures:  The Team (Please send more)

Amazing Jennie volunteering at WIC and Nutrition Services.  Wow. 

Jackie and Jennie

Little 6  year old Jennie will be working with mom, speaking at many different volunteer groups such as Head Start, Catholic Charities, New Generation, the WIC program, and their Sunday School.  These programs help mostly young children with important, absolutely essential needs.  


You have my praise and respect for caring about the little one's.  Thanks so very much. The community needs you. We need you.  

Again, at Catholic


Yet again, volunteering at

Head Start.  Jennie, you are amazing!  

Thank You Publix

Today, in the rain, lightning, thunder, and wind, I handed out the rear-view mirror "reminders" to a wet group of Publix shoppers.  Who knew it was going to pour? Thank you- a very big thank you- to the manager for allowing me to set up in front of the store.  Thank you to all those that took the hangers.  So many kind people that understood  the importance of the message- kids should never be left alone.  Kids can't  take the heat.  


Thanks again to everyone, including my brother Craig.  He handed out the flyers next to me.  Of course, my parents were nearby to keep my banner from blowing away in the wind.  

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