"Let's make today fun." What- in a hot steamy car? What's wrong here?

I was looking through Women's Health, my mom's magazine. I just had been reading all about children stuck in cars, and this is what I found. At first I could not beleve my eyes. This is exactly what kids do, just before they get trapped inside the car. They go into a car or minivan and close the doors behind them. But this advertisement is wrong. All wrong. Mom is watching from the door, but is she really going to stand there and watch her kids as long as they play? What if she is pulled away because of the phone, other children, or just gets tired. What parent is going to stand there and watch for two hours as the kids play? And, this ad appeared in the July and August issue of the magazine. That's real hot down here in Florida. Even in New York, it is very hot. Kids should never play in a car. It is not a babysitter, or a playground. Well, don't worry. I got real mad. I wrote the magazine immedatiely, and sent an email to to Toyota. I am going to get them to stop using this ad. You should write too. The ad is proably in other magazines probably. What do you think about this ad? I want to hear from you please.

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