Will the Coronavirus Result in an Increase in Baby Heat Stroke Deaths?

Coronavirus and hyperthermia (babyheatstroke)

This virus spread is unheard of, and we are all deeply concerned the effects it will have not only on our everyday lives, but the health of our children. New schedules, pick up, drop off, online classes, is all confusing during this time. As of this writing, nearly all schools from pre-k to college and beyond are shut down, and online classes are beginning. In the past, parents would often forget their children in the back seat of family car because of small changes in their schedules: the father was asked to drop off the child at day care, when usually the mother performed that task. Result- the child is found dead from baby heat stroke (hyperthermia). Sometimes the grandparents are involved and dropping off or picking up children, out of the normal schedule they keep. We have to be very vigilant during these trying times to keep track of our children- no playing in the car when parents are not around. So parents- keep the doors locked.

Parents should check and double check to make sure they know exactly where there kids are. It is not enough to know where they SHOULD be, rather, where they ACTUALLY ARE. No guessing, no saying, "I thought you had her", or "Wasn't your father supposed to drop off the kids today". This is a time when we need absolute certainty.

So, I recommend a nice big family meeting. Discuss how the young children, now home during this crisis, are to be handled. What should be considered? Everything- do you have a pool? Open garage door? Drop off schedules MUST be followed closely- develop one. Start with sincere conversations about every detail of where your children are at every moment of the day. Yes, it is tiring. But, you know it's worth it. Any parent who lost a child would tell you, "If only I was more careful" "If only I had spent a few extra seconds thinking about what I was doing."

Pass the word on- this virus can do more damage to children then we know- Look before you lock! THANK YOU.

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