It's December in Florida. But inside car temperatures can still hit 101!

Many people think that summer is over. It is and it is not. A car can still heat up to fatal temperatures, even on an 80 degree day, That is true even on a cloudy day. This video, will show how the car temperature rises to 101 degrees when the outside temperature is only 82 on a cloudy day. Anyone stuck in the car, will see their body temperature rise and this level of heat can put them in grave danger. To show you the dangers, please watch this video. The man that made this video is, afterall, a man. He can withstand heat 6 times better than a child. He may be able to walk away from being in a hot car for 30 minutes, but what about a child left in a car for the same amount of time, or longer? Some children sit and wait for their parents for hours. Even if they survive the extensive heat, oh how they suffered. So, please watch this video about the effects of heat on an adult. Image a baby! What would that look like? Remember, never, ever, ever, leave a child in a car unattended. Thank you.

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