Children Die and become Disabled from Heat Stroke

Unbelievable stories and facts about something that can be avoided: Children do not have to die in hot cars. The more we educate the public about this danger, the more videos that are created and posted, the more scientific research that gets done from organizations such as General Motors, the more attempts to develop new technology (Evenflo created a new baby sensor built into a car seat) to prevent these deaths, the lower the number of child deaths. Please watch this video about not only children that have died because of being forgotten in cars, but also a child that survived, but is now permanently disabled. Heat stroke destroys the brain, kidneys, and other vital organs. Please spread the word: Children should never be left in cars unattended. Please ask for my free rear-view reminder "Look before you Lock" It's free and I'll send as many as you need. Thank you and please watch this real-life video created by Consumer Union, a division of Consumer Reports. Thank you.

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