Five children have died in 2016 from heat stroke

It has been a trying year for children being forgotten in cars this year. I have reported on 2 already, but 3 more children have died recently. According to WKYT, a young boy, LaVontae Xavier Swain, died from heat stroke. The child went into cardiac arrest. This can happen when a child's "core" temperature rises to dangerous levels. At 107 degrees, or less, organs fail, and sometimes, according to doctors, a child can have a heat attack. The young boy was left in the car unattended for several hours. The mom, a 19 year old young lady, had placed her son in foster car. It was a worker of the day care center he was attending, that offered transportation to the family. The day care worker forgot the little boy in the van. LaVontae sat in the van for about three to four hours according to Louisville police. The day care has since closed for business. The boy was 2 years old. According to police, the outside air temperature was approximately 85 degrees. Watch out for my next blog to discuss the two more deaths as a result of heat stroke. Thank you.

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