Too Many Children Are Dying from Avoidable Accidents

In this picture you will see a banner showing 611 children have died since 1998 in hot cars, left unattended. This banner is about 1.5 years old. The number today is 691 deaths. There have been another 80 child deaths in such a short time! What can we do? The message must get out; Never leave children alone in cars, on any kind of day. MYTHS Destroyed: #1. Cars do not get hot if you leave the windows open a little. Absolutely not true. The heat comes from the dashboard and the interior of the car radiating the suns heat. That is why a car can heat up over 45 degrees in just one hour. The cracked windows may reduce heat by only a few degrees. But, if the car is 140 degrees, that reduction means nothing. #2. I do not have to worry about heat build up on cold days. Not true. This year alone, a child died in 52 degree outside air temperature ,and one child died in 71 degree temperatures. Why?

Adult bodies can take the heat 4 times better than a child. Their bodies are fragile, they heat up quickly. Once their core temperature reaches 107 degrees, they die. Their organs shut down. Some children that escape death, end up with severe permanent injuries- brain damage for example. They have to be taken care for the rest of their lives. Or, we can simply remember- never leave kids unattended- ever.

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