I Was Interviewed on Inside Edition

I was interviewed last week by Inside Edition, the news show. I was excited to get the message out, and these past weeks have been very hard. We have lost a lot of children this year so far because of the extreme temperatures in a car. In my home state of Florida, the temperatures have been around 90 degrees. I have been measuring the inside car temperatures. The temperatures have been hotter than 130 degrees!

Kelly Ann Being interviewed about baby heat stroke on Inside Edition

That is as high as the thermometer can register, but I know it is even hotter than that. What is the problem? Mostly, the driver is not paying attention. Too busy off to work, or forgot that their child was ever in the back seat. I know that bothers a lot of you. And it should. How can parents do this? How do you forget kids in the back? Well, as long as people are distracted, as long as parents put their kids in the back seat to be forgotten, kids will die from baby heat stroke. We need education- Never leave kids alone in a car. Look before you lock. If we can remember our phones, we can remember our children in the back seta. Lets put an end to these senseless deaths- over 800 since 1980. That's crazy! Please watch the video and tell me what you think. Thanks, Kelly Ann

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