Another baby heat stroke death in Louisiana

Daverick Michael Coffey died from baby heat stroke on October 11, 2017, Louisiana

A cargiver- guardian, forgot young Daverick (8 months old) in the back set in 90 degree weather. Although, the inside of the car according to police reached the 130 degree range.

Tragically, parents are still forgetting their children in the back of cars. We now have more children die of vehicular heat stroke in 2017, then all of 2016, and this year is still not over. So what happened? How do parents forget the most important cargo they will ever carry? Why does this continue to happen month after month, year after year? First, lets see what happened with little Maverick Michael.

According to Action17 obituary, he was. a very happy, smiling child thrilled to have two siblings. A brother and a sister that both loved him very much. Sadly, their lives are shattered as well as their little brothers' life has been lost to forgetfulness. In this case, according to The Times-Picayune, he died in Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana. He spent the entire day in extreme heat waiting for his guardian to return. The guardian has not been named yet, but the guardian was supposed to drop off little Daverick at the day care. So, he died of abandonment and being subjected to temperatures in the 129 degree range. Many, many times, children are forgotten when the drivers forget to drop off the child at the day care center. This is quite common. Why? The day care drop off is not their usual route, outside their normal routine, and so they forget. Parents should remember that one reason children die from baby heat stroke, is because there is a change of routine. The. child is asleep, or quiet, and the parents rush out the drivers' door. Rule: Routine different, driver forgets, child suffers. That is one reason for these epidemic deaths. Another main reason children are forgotten is because parents and drivers are too busy to remember their child in the back. They are so focused on getting to work, or doing their next chore, they forget their child is even with them.

The number of deaths can be reduced by installing warning signs, and warning programs built into the car, but also by simply SLOWING DOWN, and paying attention to the inside of the car before getting out. It could save a life. That is why we say: "Look before you Lock." Look in the back seat- forget something- someone? You just saved a life!

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