2 Baby Heat Stroke Deaths for 2018 so far! And, it's heating up across the nation.

North Charleston, South Carolina police are investigating the death of a 10 month old "forgotten" in the back seat of the family car.

A News story according to to ABC 4 News- Picture of North Charleston Police car where 10 month old child was found dead from baby heat stroke.

Tragically, another little boy, Jack Duggan of North Charleston, South Carolina, was left to die in the back of his family car, according to a report from ABC News. The North Charleston police stated that the boy was left inside the family car as the father went on to work. The boy died from baby heat stroke at the work site of the father, who claims he was completely unaware that the child was still in the car. He was pronounced dead at the local hospital. However, we know that a child is not able to survive in a hot for very long. I checked the temperature on April 3, the day he died, and according to "accuWeather", there was a morning rain, mostly cloudy with a temperature range of between 49 and 59. It was cooler the day before, and a few degrees warmer the following day.

POINT: Outside temperature has very little to do with the survival of a child. Parents think that cooler weather is safe for a child, but a child can die in cool weather. Why? #1. The car heats up. The inside of a car is not the same as the outside air temperature. The inside of a car can be 10, 20, 30, even 50 degrees hotter than outside temperatures. #2. The body of a child is 4- 5 times less able to deal with heat- and cold, then an adult.

Warning: Let's please pass the word around, check the back seat before you get out! As reminders just send me your address and I will mail you my rear view mirror plaques for free. Just being careful, and little Jack Duggan would still be with us. This epidemic has to STOP.

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