Hannah Grace Miller, a 3-year-old, died needlessly in the back of the family car.

baby heat stroke

Hannah died on June 5 after being left in the back seat. It was 90 degrees outside in Indiana, but her body temperature was so high, that she succumbed to baby heat stroke and pronounced dead at the hospital. The tragedy began when the family went to church. Thinking the child was with the other siblings, she was left in the back of the car sleeping. She was not discovered until several hours later. The reason Hannah was left in the car was because of parents that were distracted: they went to church, ate breakfast, and brought groceries until they realized that the little girl had been left in the back seat. Hannah had two brothers and it was believed that Hannah was with them. According to the news report, the police are investigating.

As the summer continues, the death toll will rise. Temperatures are rising, and drivers are still not aware of the dangers of not checking the back seat before getting out. That is all that would have been required to save this little girl's life.

Please, let us all be EXTRA CAREFUL.

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