773 Children have died from baby heat stroke since 1998. Aiden Miller dies at three months.

Young Aiden Miller, a 3 month old child, was forgotten in the back seat of his family car in New Albany Indiana, according to MSN News. The parents are devastated, and it was the father's "ex-girlfriend" that forgot the child in the car. Again, and this happens all the time, the driver got confused when dropping off other children at the daycare center. It was only 78 degrees outside, but cars can heat up quickly inside. Babies are extremely fragile, and are not able to take the heat like an adult. Although, I do not know any adult who would drive a car that was about 100 degrees inside temperature. They would of course stop, put on the air conditioner, let the car cool off. But, Aiden at 3 months could not do none of these things. He just sat while his organs failed one by one. A terrible way to die.

Parents, drivers, we have already lost 30 children this year from Baby Heat Stroke. We must all do one very simple thing: Before we get out of the car, please, let us turn around and check to see if we have anyone in the back seat. It is that easy to save a lifetime of misery. My prayers are with this poor little boy who never had a chance at life. God Bless you Aiden.

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