Deadly Heat Claims the Life of an 11 Year Old Found in the Back Seat of Family Car

An 11-year old girl died in Coram, New York from heat stroke after being found in back seat.

Tragically, an 11 year old girl was found dead in the back seat of the family car, according to Newsday The outside temperature was a hot 91 degrees and the inside temperature of the car could easily have been 20, 30 or more degrees hotter. The car was parked, windows closed. It appears that family members were all very busy this particular day and lost track of this young girl.

Lesson: Baby heat stroke is not limited to babies, or very young children. Heat stroke can claim the life of young children, and adults. Senior citizens are also prone to the dangers of extreme heat. Last summer, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, an entire floor of senior citizens died from heat stroke when the air conditioner went out in the building due to a hurricane.. In these extreme temperatures, we must be careful and DOUBLE CHECK the back seat every time we get out of the car. No one should be left behind: children, pets, grand parents- no one. The heat is unbearable this time of the year.

This tragedy, although still under investigation, may yet reveal more details. But, it appears that this death, like so many other heat stroke deaths, could easily have been avoided- simply check the back seat before getting out. "Look before you lock"

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